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  • Wear-resistant steels are used, among other things, in the parts of tools that must have an increased resistance to abrasive wear.

    Abrasive wear occurs due to the abrasive effects of sand, soil and the like. This occurs in funnels and silos, among other things. Increasing the resistance to this form of wear is achieved by increasing the hardness. Hardox® (brand name of SSAB), HB 400, 450 and HB 500 belong to the wear-resistant steels. These are kept in stock at Avezaat Staal in thicknesses from 4 to 80 mm and have inspection certificates in accordance with NEN-EN 10204.

    In order to limit the wear caused by impact loads such as those that occur, for example, during demolition work, certain wear-resistant steels are also used whereby the improved resistance is obtained by the 'reinforcement' (hardening) that occurs due to deformation. This hardening increases resistance to wear and tear.