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  • The hardness of steel is understood as the resistance to permanent deformation by indentation. The hardness can be determined by measuring the size(s) of indentations caused in standardised ways.

    Commonly used scales for the the hardness of steel are Brinell (HB) and Vickers (HV). When measuring according to Brinell, a hardened steel ball with a standardized diameter (usually 10.0 mm) is used to make an impression in the material to be examined. The diameter of the (spherical) indentation cup is a measure of the hardness.

    When measuring according to Vickers, a square-based pyramid is pressed into the material. The resulting indentation on the surface has the shape of a square. By using a microscope to determine the dimensions and thus the surface area of this square, the degree of hardness according to Vickers (HV) is determined.